Intimate hygiene measures during menstruation

Menstruation is an important factor when it comes to talking about intimate hygiene, since although the blood that flows outwards is clean, it is necessary to change the towel or tampon several times a day, which should be supported by cleaning during the bath morning and evening wash.

To provide women with greater comfort at this stage, the pharmaceutical industry has developed a variety of products in various presentations, whose results when it comes to proper hygiene are very satisfactory.

Products for proper intimate hygiene

  • During menstruation, the use of sanitary napkins is recommended when washing the intimate parts of the body. These are absorbent pads that are attached to underwear with adhesive and can be found as:
  • Protectors for daily use. They are small, very thin and are used for days with little menstrual flow or between non-menstrual periods to absorb vaginal discharge.
  • They are thicker and larger than the previous ones.
  • Super thin. They are very absorbent and comfortable.
  • With mesh. Cover that acts as a barrier that prevents the liquid from returning to the surface.
  • With wings. They wrap around the bridge of the panty helping to keep the towel in place.
  • With channels. They direct moisture throughout the compress.
  • With gel. They trap liquids and gelatinize them.
  • To wear with thong.
    Another of the products most used during menstruation are tampons, cylinders made with compressed cotton fibers that absorb the flow inside the vagina and, therefore, offer greater security. It should not be left in for more than six hours, otherwise there is a risk of toxic shock syndrome, which is characterized by fever, muscle pain and low blood pressure. They exist in different sizes, with or without an applicator, and allow women to dress to their liking and even swim. Wet wipes

    are also very common when it comes to carrying out correct genital hygiene.. They are made with natural fibers and provided with hypoallergenic substances (which do not cause an allergic reaction), they are useful for delicately cleaning the genital area after urinating and/or changing the sanitary towel or tampon.

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