Why menstruation is still taboo

Oddly enough, today talking about menstruation continues to be a taboo subject among many women. The period is part of the natural cycle of women and we spend several decades menstruating. However, there are many who, when they go to the bathroom, hide the sanitary napkin or tampon so that no one can see it.

The period, something that should not be taboo in society

  • Many surveys carried out around the world have shown that many women can only talk about their period with other women, while very few would do so with a man. On the other hand, many of them have avoided going somewhere for fear that the rest will find out that they have their period.
  • Above all, it is girls and adolescents who experience this issue as a burden. Therefore, it is essential to assume it as something normal, it is nothing bad or a secret in the eyes of others. No disregard for the rule should be made, because in the end what is achieved is to despise the woman. From a young age, parents should make their daughters aware of this issue and avoid any negative prejudice that may form about it.
  • This should be reflected as a totally normal subject, since it is part of the life of any woman, you cannot be afraid or ashamed to show that talking about and dealing with this matter is still taboo today. It should be treated naturally, even men should accept it, avoiding uncomfortable jokes about the period.

What about sex and menstruation?

  1. Sex with menstruation can become something ‘unpleasant’ for many and many, but there are several benefits that can be achieved after having sexual relations, such as the fact that sex can relieve pain caused by menstruation (cramps, pains head, mood swings, etc.) if you reach orgasm. Also, on the other hand, menstruation during sex can even increase a woman’s pleasure.
  2. Should a woman really think that having her period is taboo? Absolutely not, it’s our nature, period. We must not hide what we are and what we have. You have to shout it out if necessary so that the rest assume that having your period is normal.

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