How to put the menstrual cup step by step?

If you’ve ever wondered how the hell you’re going to get that big, round menstrual cup inside, you’re in the right place. Using the menstrual cup can become quite a challenge if you do not take into account some simple tips for use. It is a new product that you have never faced, so it is normal to have some doubts. One of the common questions about this period product is related to its introduction. We tell you how to put the menstrual cup step by step.

Step by step of how to put the menstrual cup

We recommend that before facing the menstrual cup for the first time, read the instructions that come with it. It will help you lose any fear you may have and you will find out about the particular characteristics of the cup you have bought.

The first thing is to sterilize it.

When you use the menstrual cup for the first time, whether it is new or if you have used it in the previous cycle, it is recommended to sterilize it. Experts such as the sexologist María Esclapez insist on the need to carry out this first step because it is vital for intimate hygiene. There are some small microwaveable containers on the market, although you can also use some sterilizing tablets. In any case, there is an easier way to sterilize your menstrual cup:

  • Boil water in a pot and insert the menstrual cup when it is boiling. Make sure it is completely submerged in the water so it cleans up well. You can insert it into the rods of a manual whisk to prevent it from burning if you leave it in the water for longer than it should.
  • Wait about 5 minutes and remove the glass with a utensil such as tweezers. Be careful because it is possible that some hot water has remained inside.
  • Place it on a clean gauze pad and wait until it is completely dry before storing it in your bag. Wait until it is completely cold before using it.

After each menstrual cycle, it is also recommended to sterilize it to have it ready for the following month.

Wash your hands before putting it on

Hygiene is very important when putting on the menstrual cup. Therefore, it is essential that you wash your hands with soap and water before starting to touch it. If a long time has passed since you sterilized the cup, it is advisable to wash it with a little water and intimate soap (or one with a neutral pH). As the sexologist María Esclapez points out, this type of soap is more respectful of a woman’s vulva.

How to put the menstrual cup?

Once you know that your cup is clean, it’s time to put it on. Do not panic because it is not as complicated as it seems and with a little practice you will get the hang of it. Even if you see the menstrual cup very large, it will fit you perfectly if you follow some of these methods to fold it. Once inside, it will open to collect the blood.

Since you’ll have a hard time putting it on right the first few times, it’s a good idea to practice at home, where you’ll probably feel most comfortable. Try to be relaxed because otherwise the pelvic muscles are going to be very tense. The first time you try it on, don’t rush or get frustrated when you realize you’re going to need to practice a bit.

There are different types of folds to insert the menstrual cup depending on how you fold the ends. Try them all and find the one that is most comfortable for you.

  • Fold the cup into a C shape. Some women feel very comfortable folding their menstrual cup into a C shape, but for others, the cup is still too big. To fold it with this method you just have to flatten the two sides and fold them so that it looks like a C or a heart.
  • Fold of the crown in the shape of a flower. You can also try the flower fold. To do this, you just have to sink one of the edges and join the two sides that have been raised.
  • Tampon-shaped fold of the cup. If you are used to using tampons, this may be the most comfortable fold for you, especially at first. It is as easy as rolling the menstrual cup on itself until it is completely elongated.

To make it more comfortable, crouch down

Once you have folded the menstrual cup to the crease that is most comfortable for you, get into the same position you use when inserting a tampon. There are women who feel more comfortable when they squat, that is, with their legs bent while resting on their heels, while others prefer to sit on the toilet.

Enter the menstrual cup

Insert the menstrual cup into the vagina by the folded part so that the stem is on the outside. There are women who find it very useful to use the other hand to open the lips of the vulva. You must direct the menstrual cup towards the lower part of the back. Let the stem stick out slightly. If you notice that it is too long, the next time you take it off you can cut it taking care not to damage the cup. You must leave some base to be able to extract it more easily.

Once you feel it’s in place, you can remove your hand.

Make sure the cup is open

So that there are no rule escapes, you have to make sure that the cup has opened inside of you. It should fit well against the vaginal walls. You can stick your finger in to make sure it’s in place, or gently rotate it slightly.

Over time, you will be able to easily identify if it is well placed.

Wash your hands again

You already know how important hygiene is for overall health. Once you have inserted the menstrual cup, wash your hands well with soap and water again.

12 Hours later…

You can leave the cup inside for about 12 hours, a much longer time than what is recommended for tampons. Little by little you will get to know yourself (and your menstrual cup) and you will know when it is time to change. For this reason, in the first few times, it is advisable to use a small compress so as not to stain your underwear in case there is a leak.

The time has come to remove the cup

When you go to remove the cup, wash your hands with soap and water. It is also important to be relaxed to avoid discomfort. To remove it, insert your finger and lightly press one side of the menstrual cup inwards so that it stops creating a vacuum.

Very carefully and delicately, grasp the stem and pull it out to remove the cup. Remember that it is full of blood, so be careful with the direction you use to remove it or you will end up staining yourself.

Empty it down the toilet

Once you’ve removed the cup, dump its contents down the toilet.

Clean the cup with soap and water

Now that you have the empty cup, rinse it with water and, if possible, clean it with a little intimate soap. If you’re in a public restroom and don’t have access to a sink, you can use a washcloth as an exception.

Put it back the same

Dry the menstrual cup well and reinsert it as before. Wash your hands and you’re done! You are already an expert putting on and taking off the menstrual cup.

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