Is it normal for the rule to be cut when using tampons? Solve your doubts

Women have menstruation once a month from the arrival of adolescence until approximately 50 years of age, and we must learn to live with it. This does not mean that during those days we have to limit our lives, far from it. We just have to look for the most comfortable and hygienic option for each type of woman.

Today we have various options: pads, tampons and menstrual cups. In addition, some contraceptive methods such as the IUD reduce the amount of menstrual blood to almost make it disappear.

Undoubtedly, the most widespread are pads and tampons, but there are still women who do not dare to use the latter despite granting greater freedom. Those who dare surely had millions of doubts in the first few times, such as whether it is possible that the rule is shortened with its use. Is it normal for the rule to be cut when using tampons? We give you the answer to solve your doubts.

The influence of tampons on menstruation

Indeed, it could be said that the rule with the use of tampons can be shortened or cut. But to explain it well, we must point out the reasons that may prompt it:

The position of the tampons

The first of the reasons has to do with the absorbent position of tampons compared to pads. Tampons absorb menstruation just like a pad, but they have a clear difference: they do so on the walls of the vagina and not when it has reached the outside. For this reason, it can take a few minutes, or even hours (depending on the day of menstruation you are on) until there is an accumulated amount of flow again.

Absorption capacity

The second reason has to do with the absorption capacity of tampons. As you already know, there are different types of tampons depending on the absorption capacity of the flow. A tampon with a large capacity will be able to absorb a large amount of flow, and this can cause our period to stop for a few hours or until the next menstruation.

You must bear in mind that by using one of maximum absorbency throughout our cycle we will not end up with it much sooner. You must use the ones that adjust to your flow, because the only thing you will achieve in the other way is that it costs you much more to remove it because it is full.

Last days of the menstrual cycle

The third of the reasons has a lot to do with the previous one. The period can end with the use of tampons if you use them at the end of the menstrual cycle. In other words, a tampon with medium absorption used on the penultimate day of menstruation with little flow can definitely shorten that period. The reason? It will end the amount of menstruation that we have left. Thus, we really realize that it is not that the rule is cut, it is that the tampon absorbs it before it reaches the outside.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Using Tampons

Can you use a tampon if it has come out of the package?

It has happened to most women at some point. You put a tampon in your bag and, over time, the wrapper wears out and ends up coming out. So what? The best recommendation is not to use these tampons.

They can be exposed to an incredible amount of bacteria that will end up in your vagina. To prevent this from happening to you, take them in a small bag to avoid rubbing and take them out of the bag when you know that your period will not come.

Do I have the tampon in? 

  • The first thing you have to do is try to remember or explore yourself. Later, if you still have doubts, see your doctor so that he can examine you quickly and rule out that the tampon is still inside before inserting another one.
  • But, so that it does not happen again under any circumstances, you should follow a very simple routine that will help you. When you go to put in a tampon, write down somewhere the time you put it in and whether or not you took it out. Or set an alarm when you need to take it off.

How long can I wear it?

The recommendation is between 4 and 6 hours. If you need to change before then because you have filled it up, you probably need a higher absorbency tampon. Likewise, if after those hours your tampon comes out practically dry, you should lower the absorption capacity.

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