Why do you feel anxiety during menstruation?

When your belly starts to feel pain, you feel swollen, tired and you start to feel like eating some types of food, it is possible that you begin to realize that your period and clots are on the way. There are many women who experience symptoms and pain with Premenstrual Syndrome and during their period. The hormones that regulate the menstrual cycle affect both your body and your mind, so in addition to pain you can also suffer changes in your mood such as anxiety and even depression.

Anxiety during menstruation

  • The reason why women suffer from PMS is because their periods will come down and they become more prone to stress and anxiety, although it is not closely related either and there is no evidence to prove its direct link. But what we do know is that the change in female hormones responsible for PMS causes women to experience changes in their emotional states.
  • Also, the hormone cortisol, which is linked to anxiety, rises rapidly in the days immediately before your period comes down, so it may be more difficult for a woman who can handle high levels of stress or who may be more anxious even though I can handle that stress.
  • Anxiety can worsen if physical symptoms such as pain or swelling are too severe or if you also have sleep disorders, which will make you feel tired and irritable, increasing anxiety levels. If you feel anxiety when you have your period or before your period appears, you should look for remedies to prevent it from conditioning your life too much. For example, a balanced diet, exercise, an organized and calm life and above all, seeking relaxation.

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