Survival kit so that the rule does not catch you off guard

How many times have you been away from home and your period has come down by surprise? Surely at least once it has happened to you and you have gone crazy for a few minutes because you did not have to protect yourself from menstrual bleeding. Therefore, read carefully what are the tips that we give you so that you never lack this type of help that will save you from more than one trouble and will not alter your intimate hygiene.

The period survival kit

  • First of all, buy a small toiletry bag to store everything you will need. Thus, if you are a regular at changing bags, you can move this small accessory without worrying, since inside it will be well equipped for any emergency.
  • Always carry two compresses, as well as a couple of tampons and a daily protector, in case your period drops, don’t get scared and see yourself empty-handed.
  • Some spare panties can also be a very useful complement, if you have soiled your underwear before. This way you can change yourself and feel comfortable with yourself.
  • A pack of specific wipes to clean the intimate area will be ideal to sanitize it and give a clean and fresh touch. Then dry yourself with toilet paper.
  • If your periods are usually painful or annoying, add some pain reliever to stop those disorders.

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