Weight gain in the stages of the menstrual cycle

It happens to many women, when they are ovulating or have their period with a lot of clots, it seems that the weight skyrockets. It depends on the stage of the menstrual cycle that the weight varies more or less. It’s a good idea to know this information so that when you have to weigh yourself, don’t be alarmed if you realize that it has to do with your menstrual cycle and not with your lifestyle or eating habits.

Weight gain in the stages of the menstrual cycle

  • When you are in the ovulation stage and also when you have your period, the most common thing is that you feel more swollen and sometimes it can be reflected on the scale. It is true that some women do not gain weight in these stages of the menstrual cycle, but most women could notice a couple of kilos of difference in the days before the period drops. But the good news is that just as you increase them, then they are lost just as easily without changes in your diet or in your daily activity. Understanding the causes is necessary to be able to control your weight and not get frustrated if you gain weight these days.
  • Weight gain is often associated with the menstrual cycle because of hormonal changes that began in your teens and will continue until you reach menopause. Weight gain at the age of menopause can be up to 8 kilos or more and this weight, if good dietary control is not maintained, can be very difficult to lose. On the other hand, in younger women it is easier to avoid and also to lose. The most common causes are fluid retention, bloating, food cravings or overeating – you may feel more like eating sugar and sweets due to the drop in magnesium that occurs before your period comes down.

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