Menstrual spasms: symptoms, causes and solutions

During the first days of menstruation and in the days before it we can feel bad and have severe pain in the abdominal area, these pains are known as menstrual spasms. They are produced by prostaglandins, which are chemical substances found in our body and that cause the contraction of the uterine musculature. This pain, often very strong, only lasts a few days and, in addition, you can take different anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen to ease this pain. If you consider that the pain is very strong and that it lasts longer than normal, it is best to see your doctor so that he can treat you.

Menstrual spasms: strong pain in the abdominal area

  • There are different formulas to relieve menstrual pain. One of them is the one that has already been mentioned, taking an anti-inflammatory or a pill that is intended for this type of pain such as Saldeva. But there are also many other ways, such as, for example, exercising, since when we do sports we release endorphins, which is the chemical substance in charge of making us feel good. Or we can also try alternative therapies to combat menstrual pain. Yoga is considered the best therapy to relieve this type of pain, and many others. Relaxing our body and releasing stress is what we need the most in these delicate days for women.
  • Menstrual spasms must be controlled, as discomfort during menstruation is normal, but once that discomfort becomes strong and almost unbearable pain, we should consult a specialist. There are two stages of menstrual pain: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea. The first is the one that is produced at the beginning and is related to prostaglandin, which is produced inside the uterus. It is totally in charge of menstrual pain, since this first stage is not directly related to other pelvic problems. The second is the one that occurs later, which does depend on pelvic and uterine problems. try to ease your pain until they are too strong, at which point you should see a doctor.

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