The new medication to control menstruation

One of the most important stages in a woman’s life is menstruation. Indicates the transition from girl to woman.

Approximately every 28 days, we suffer hormonal changes due to the menstrual cycle, including mood swings and physical pain, which sometimes prevent us from carrying out daily activities.

medicine and menstruation

  • Over the years, medicine has progressed to find a method to make this cycle more bearable. It is a medicine that brings together an important advance in contraceptive technology, combining the development of your sexuality, controlling your menstrual cycle and without presenting any health risk. It is composed of Levonorgestrel on a minimum dose of Ethinyl-estradiol. It has been tested and has a registration granted by Invima.
  • The drug consists of a formula of 28 tablets with the properties of contraceptives and four optional tablets to be taken on the days when the woman should have her period and does not want to menstruate.
  • Its absolute efficacy and safety have been confirmed by the specialist Andrés Daste.
  • It is an advance that will revolutionize the world in general, and in particular the feminine one, without knowing what effects it may generate later.

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