False myths about menstruation: after the first rule you have to go to the gynecologist

After the arrival of the first menstruation, many doubts appear, which are sometimes difficult to answer without the help of a professional. For a long time, it has been believed that it was strictly necessary to go to the gynecologist after your first period, this is not the case. It is recommended that you go, to answer your questions and to be informed about the change that the body undergoes after this, but a visit to this specialist is not mandatory in this case. Yes, it is when the first sexual relationship is maintained, because it is when there are a series of risks that we do not have to know about and we do have to.

It is not mandatory to go to the gynecologist after the first menstruation

  • The arrival of the first menstruation is something unknown to youngest women, so their relatives must help them and explain how their bodies will change from that moment on. It is the passage to puberty, they can already get pregnant and with this you have to be especially careful. Contrary to what popular wisdom says: you can get pregnant while on your period. There is less probability, but there is. On many occasions, family members do not know everything a young woman should know about this subject, which is why it is advisable to go to the gynecologist, but it is not mandatory. This will inform you from a medical point of view and give you peace of mind.
  • Yes, it is necessary to go to the specialist when you have sexual intercourse for the first time. After this fact, an internal review must be done to see that everything is fine. This review is called cytology and consists of the extraction of a small sample of the cells present in the cervix. They are subsequently analyzed and the results are given to the patient. Pap smears should be done every two years. This is how it is determined if there is any abnormality in the woman.
  • You should also attend the gynecologist when there are irregularities in menstruation; if you want to take the contraceptive pill or to solve doubts. The contraceptive pill is a regulator of menstruation, so both ideas go quite together, but you cannot make the decision yourself, but you have to discuss it with the gynecologist and let him decide what should be done.

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