Sleeping with the menstrual cup, is it possible?

It is quite a revolution in the world of products for feminine hygiene and use: the menstrual cup is currently experiencing its peak and is already being considered as a perfect alternative to the use of tampons and pads, which until now had been a one of the options most used by women during the days in which they have their period.

The truth is that the menstrual cup has many advantages: it does not contain chemical products, it is very comfortable (it does not move, it is not noticeable, or it can be seen), you can use it for up to twelve hours in a row, you do not need to fill your bag with refills of pads or tampons and is compatible with the IUD and the contraceptive ring, among a myriad of other things.

Its use is more than recommended, however when using it there are millions of doubts that come to mind: How does it get? What do I do if it stays inside me? How is it cleaned? What size should I use? And one of the most frequent of all: Can you sleep with the menstrual cup?

Sleep with the menstrual cup, yes or no?

One of the most comfortable and most motivating factors for women when using the menstrual cup is the fact that they do not have to change it practically all day (something that does happen in the case of pads and tampons). However, when night comes, we wonder if we can leave it on or if it is more advisable to take it off.

The truth is that YES you can sleep with the menstrual cup. In fact, there are many reasons why it is recommended to do so:

  1. Once inserted, the menstrual cup adapts perfectly to the walls of the vagina, remaining firmly attached. This makes it an ideal method to sleep when you are on your period since it does not move throughout the night. In addition, since it does not have any dangling threads as it does in the case of plugs, you do not notice anything at all and it is 100% safe and invisible.
  2. Generally, much less blood is expelled at night than during the day. That, added to the fact that the menstrual cup supports a capacity of up to 12 hours, makes it the perfect alternative for menstrual periods.
  3. The menstrual cup is more hygienic than any other intimate product, so you should not worry since sleeping with it will not cause any type of infection or health problem.
  4. Of course, although the menstrual cup is perfectly suitable for use at night, you must remember to empty it as soon as you get up.

How to insert the menstrual cup?

Now that we have solved your doubt and you know that you can perfectly use the menstrual cup at night, we are going to give you some advice when it comes to putting it on. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pain when putting it on and once you try it you won’t want to use any other method. Take note!

  • The first step before putting on the menstrual cup is to sterilize it. The simplest, most natural and cheapest method is to put it in a saucepan with boiling water for five minutes.
  • Once you have sterilized the menstrual cup, wet it a little so that it slips and calm down. Bend it and slowly introduce it into the vagina. A trick to make it much easier for you is to open the labia majora with one hand and slowly push it in with the other. You must make sure that she is completely inserted inside her. Push until the ball or end that finishes off the cup does not protrude.
  • Once entered, stand up. If you feel comfortable and you don’t notice it, it means that you have placed it perfectly. If, on the contrary, when you get up it bothers you, it means that you have not placed it quite correctly. You must introduce it a little more and for this you must eliminate the vacuum that the cup has made by separating it from the walls of your vagina and pushing a little.
  • When the time comes to empty it, you must pinch the end of the cup and move it from left to right and from front to back. You can also insert your fingers to grab it from above. The most important thing is that you focus on eliminating the vacuum since once you do, the cup will come out without causing you any type of discomfort. Once you take it out, pour its contents into the toilet and rinse it with water. You can also clean it with a wet wipe or paper. It will be ready for you to use it again!
  • When putting on and taking off the menstrual cup, you must be very patient. At first it is very likely that you will get nervous, tense and close your muscles, but as you get the hang of it, it will become much easier for you. You will master the technique perfectly!

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