Normal and abnormal menstruation: when we should worry

There can be many irregularities during menstruation, it is normal for there to be at the beginning of the period (menorchia) and at the end of it (menopause), during the rest of the menstruation it is not normal to have irregularities, if so we will have to consult to our doctor.

If the irregularities are after the menorca period and before the menopause, it can be due to stress or strong changes in our lives, this can happen two or three times a year, when it happens more times it becomes not normal.

Is my period normal?

  • Normally, menstruation comes between the ages of 12 and 15, if after this age it has not yet arrived, then you will have to go talk to your regular doctor, because the delay in arrival causes hormonal problems that are What to treat and observe. When the first years of your menstruation have passed, which are the ones that usually cause problems, your period will have to come every 25-35 days, that should be your cycle, if it goes beyond those limits, then something strange happens. If this only happens a couple of times a year, there is nothing to worry about. Bleeding between cycle and cycle is not normal either, much less when it becomes thick.
  • Now everything is well regulated, the period has to go down every month, if you are more than 90 days without having it it is abnormal, which if we do not go to the doctor on time can cause negative hormonal disorders. The normal thing is that the period lasts between 2 and 8 days, still being 2 very little and 8 a lot, but those days are the limits, if your menstruation is out of that range, consult your doctor. The pains during the first days of the period are common, but they cannot be severe and continuous, if this happens we will have to worry a little, since there should not be continuous pain.
  • All women ovulate in the middle of the menstrual cycle, more or less, that is, if we have a period every 28-30 days, it will be normal to ovulate on day 14-15. When we ovulate is when there is a greater probability of pregnancy. Clots are something common within a limit, we cannot constantly clot, because that is no longer common and normal. If this happens to us, we normally have to consult our doctor, as it can lead to endometriosis-type diseases.

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