How to change the days of the contraceptive pill for the period?

Can we change the day of menstruation? Choose the week that we want the rule to go down? This is possible if you take a contraceptive method, such as the pill. Remember not to abuse this practice, only do it on specific occasions or because you prefer that your period always arrives in a certain week. To advance or delay the rule with the pill you have to take into account the following tips.

Tips to change the menstrual cycle with the pill

  • Delay menstruation. For this, what you have to do once you finish taking all the tablets corresponding to that month (about 21 or 24), you must start immediately with a new tablet, without leaving days in between. According to the instructions on the leaflet, you can take the pills from the other package until you want your period to go down again. Doctors recommend taking two tablets in a row to avoid hormonal imbalances, although it is normal to spot when taking the second container.
  • Delay rule. On the other hand, if what you want is to advance the rule, you have to do it a month before, that is, you should leave less rest time. The week that you are on the placebo pills, you reduce them by half. This means that you would stop taking them four days before and restart taking the normal pill. In this case, never increase the rest days, you always have to reduce them.

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