How does your period change when you take the pill?

There are many women in our society who decide to take birth control pills to avoid getting pregnant but it also serves other things such as having a better complexion and fighting acne and also, to change the rule. The period will stop being the same when you take the pill because the clotting that exists due to the detachment of the ovum disappears… because there is no longer ovulation. But how does your period change when you take the pill?

Changes in the period when taking the pill

  • There is no ovulation anymore. The main change when you take the birth control pill is that you stop ovulating. This will make the period you have not a normal period because it is not the ovum that has been released, it is waste that the body eliminates when taking the pills during the rest week.
  • Less spotted. If you are a woman with a lot of bleeding in your periods, you will notice a quite important change, because you will go from staining a lot of periods and having abundant periods to having hardly any staining and saving on pads and tampons, the difference is remarkable!
  • Will not hurt. The body will not have to release the egg so it will not be necessary to make contractions or efforts, this will mean that your period will stop hurting! Cramps, nausea, vomiting, pain in general… will have disappeared.
  • No Premenstrual Syndrome. Just as it happens with the pains -which will stop having them-, the premenstrual syndrome will also stop being a problem for you. You will no longer have to suffer pain before your period comes down, or kidney cramps. Mood swings will surely be present – ​​the hormones you take in the pills will also affect your mood – but little else.

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