How does drinking alcohol affect when you have your period?

When you have your period with more or less clots, it is possible that some things feel more than others, that some foods are better than others and that there are alcoholic beverages that affect more than necessary. Many women meet to go out to a bar, to go to a party or meet to go to a barbecue and spend a pleasant day in the countryside. But it is possible that if you have the period you wonder if alcoholic beverages will affect you more or less depending on whether or not you have the period.

Drink alcohol during menstruation

  1. Many women affirm that when they have their period and drink alcohol it affects them more than if they drink the same amount of alcohol but without having their period. There are investigations that try to know the connection between alcohol and the female menstrual cycle. Today, and after much research, there is still no conclusive evidence that alcohol affects women more when they drink it while on their periods. But although alcohol will not make you get drunk faster even if you have your period, it is true that it has some interesting facts that you will like to know.
  2. Perhaps if you drink more alcohol the intoxicating effects will last longer, that is, it will take you longer to ‘get sober again’. There are women who drink glasses of wine during their period to reduce pain and bad mood. But if you like to drink alcohol, you shouldn’t cross the line either because it will never be a good option. But you must keep in mind that alcohol is a depressant, which means that if you try to maintain happiness through it, in the long run you will only find depressive moods and discomfort. It is better that you do not drink alcohol and that you focus on having a healthy life with a good balanced diet, good foods and regular exercise.

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