Why do breasts hurt during menstruation and how to avoid it?

During the menstruation cycle we can suffer many symptoms and one of them is breast pain. It is a very sensitive area and can become untouchable during this period due to the pain that occurs in the breasts and nipples. This discomfort can be caused by several factors.

Menstruation, breast tenderness

  • Hormones are one of the main protagonists in menstruation and also in the changes that occur in the body during these days such as general swelling, fatigue or chest pain. Estrogen and progesterone are necessary hormones that prepare a woman for a possible pregnancy and are responsible for causing premenstrual and menstrual symptoms such as weight gain and painful swelling in the breasts.
  • Food also influences this symptom of breast pain. Taking methylxanthine, a substance found in caffeine, can aggravate pain in this area as it causes blood vessels to dilate, including those in the breasts. Also abusing foods such as animal fats and dairy products can cause tenderness and pain in the breasts before menstruation.
  • Another aggravating factor would be stress. Being stressed releases hormones that can affect the absorption or secretion of others and this can lead to a variety of symptoms such as breast pain.
  • To avoid this annoying symptom before or during menstruation, there are several methods. Using contraceptives such as the pill, patches or rings can limit breast pain as they all contain hormones that reduce pain or even eliminate it.
  • It is also advisable to limit the consumption of caffeine, salt, animal fat and dairy products before starting your period. This variety in your diet can help you resolve breast pain or make it more bearable.
  • If breast pain becomes unbearable or comes on suddenly, it’s time to see a doctor. He will make a more complete and effective diagnosis to rule out other types of pathologies.

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