Can I put the menstrual cup on if I use the vaginal ring?

For some time now, the number of women who use the vaginal cup as a hygiene method during menstruation has grown. In addition to the commonly used tampons and pads, this is a good alternative as it is both comfortable and inexpensive.

The menstrual cup has ceased to be a taboo subject to become the preferred method of many users. Even so, every day different doubts arise about the use of this method. One of them is if you can put the menstrual cup if you use the vaginal ring, are they compatible? Solve all your doubts once and for all!

Is the menstrual cup compatible with the contraceptive ring?

  • The menstrual cup is made of medical silicone, and one of the things that most convinces the users of this method is that, once purchased, you will forget about having to spend more money on other products for many years. That sounds good!
  • Also, as you know, there are different sizes depending on the menstrual flow you have. To use it, you only have to insert it into the vagina and you can wear it for around 12 hours without having to change. Of course, when the time comes, you must be clear about what you are going to find when removing it. It is a small cup that will contain all your menstrual flow, so you will have to clean it well before using it again.
  • Now, if you are using the menstrual cup and the contraceptive ring, the question arises as to whether they can be worn at the same time or not. And the answer is yes, they are perfectly compatible. The explanation is very simple: the vaginal ring is in a higher position than the menstrual cup, and does not have to interfere.
  • The ring is placed near the entrance of the uterus, and the cup is placed closer to the entrance of the vagina. And exactly the same happens with the IUD: if you use or are thinking of using the intrauterine device, it is good that you know that it is not incompatible with the cup. The reason is the same as the one we just told you since they are placed in different places.

Precautions about using the menstrual cup with the vaginal ring on

However, if you have the vaginal ring on, certain precautions must be taken when removing the cup so as not to scare us:

  • First of all, we must make sure that, when you go to remove the cup, the ring does not go with it when you remove it
  • On the other hand, when you put on the cup, it is also important to ensure that the ring does not remain inside the cup, since it can reduce its contraceptive effectiveness.
  • Also, it is not good for the cup to remain within the diameter of the ring and for it to surround it vertically. This can prevent it from opening and not collecting menstruation well.

On the other hand, and regarding the use and precautions that you must take if you have an IUD, you just have to keep in mind that if the device’s threads are very long, it is possible that they come into contact with the cup. That is why if you are thinking of using it, it is recommended that you inform your gynecologist in case you consider it necessary to shorten them.

For the rest, you just have to focus on being totally comfortable and knowing if this method is the one that best suits your own needs. Remember that if you don’t find it too useful and simple, you should continue using the conventional methods. Of course, if you have any doubts, do not wait any longer and consult your gynecologist. It will be he or she who will solve all these questions for you.

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