Five typical menstruation problems

Every month menstruation affects us differently. The symptoms vary, although, to a greater or lesser extent, a high percentage of women suffer the same. Sure, if one or more of these five discomforts are part of your premenstrual cycle, you will want some tip to reduce these problems and cope with them positively and with energy.

The 5 period problems that women suffer

  1. Breast pain. The vast majority of women suffer from it and notice how their breasts are more sensitive to the touch and inflamed. This pain, of variable intensity, usually appears five or seven days before menstruation and affects both breasts, especially in the bilateral area.
  2. Premenstrual migraine is another of the most common problems. It takes place days before, due to the decrease in estrogen levels, which does not cause those annoying pains.
  3. Another of the most popular problems and one that surely 90% of women suffer from an outbreak throughout the year. Hormonal imbalances are the main causes of the appearance of these ‘enemies’ that we hate so much. However, if the problem persists and is more serious, it is recommended that you visit a dermatologist, who will be in charge of providing you with the appropriate treatment and keeping your pimples at bay.
  4. Mood swings. They are very normal in those days before the period. Our hormones are revolutionized or do not stop unbalancing us emotionally and physically. For this reason, we can notice ourselves more sensitive or angry and with less desire to do things. Although, remember, you must be positive and cheer yourself up those days.
  5. Fluid retention. This problem is also due to premenstrual syndrome and imbalances in hormone levels. Between one and three kilos is what a woman can ‘gain weight’ days before menstruation. Caused by the hormone progesterone, water is retained as a result, giving the feeling of being more bloated.

What can we do to combat them? Physical exercise is one of the best allies, it will keep you active and with the energy you need. Eating a balanced diet, reducing excesses such as pastries or coffee and drinking plenty of water, are the essential steps that every woman must take into account to forget the discomfort that the rule produces every month.

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