Can urine tests be done while on my period?

Urinalysis tests are, on many occasions, ordered by our GPs or specialists. Urine contains water and a multitude of substances that are key to knowing what is happening to us. But can they be done at all times? Even while on my period?

When the urinalysis and the period coincide

Doctors through these analyzes can discover urinary tract infections or problems directly related to the kidney. They usually quote us well in advance, so it is difficult to know how we will be at that moment and, above all, what day of our menstrual cycle we will meet.

Is it necessary to change the appointment of the analysis?

  1. The problem is that the results of this test could be modified by having the rule, but they don’t have to stop doing it. You can tell the health professional who is going to perform the tests that you have your period and what you should do.
  2. In any case, whenever possible, the ideal would be to be able to change the day of the appointment, since the rule can always alter the levels of the different indicators to be studied. For this reason, we should keep track of our menstrual cycle, so we can choose the date much better so that the urine analysis is not affected by the rule. Even if we keep count, there are always months in which we are a little more irregular or in which the accounts do not come out. The fantastic thing would be to be able to change the day, but if you can’t, you have to notify the doctor who is going to analyze the results.

What to do if I have the period? 

  • To urinate, if we have menstruation, we have to do it wearing a tampon. In this way there will not be much mix in the result, even so, we must be aware that everything is very concentrated and something will always end up going to the sample. Blood alters the results of any analysis, whatever it may be, since it can be confused with blood that should not be there. That is, it can be confused with hematuria, which is the presence of blood in the urine.
  • For this reason, the best thing to do is that if we are unfortunate enough to have to have an analysis done on menstrual days, we inform the doctor about it. Thus, they will take it into account when analyzing the sample and we will avoid the fact of obtaining results that can scare us.

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