Can I have sex with the menstrual cup on? 

The menstrual cup has come to our world to completely revolutionize it. This product intended for feminine hygiene and use during menstruation is experiencing its peak and has already made many women banish tampons and pads from their bags and their lives.

The truth is that it does not surprise us since the menstrual cup has many advantages compared to these two other alternatives used for years by women when they were on their period: it is very comfortable (it does not move, is not noticeable, or is seen), It does not contain chemical products, you can use it for up to twelve hours in a row, it is very hygienic and it is also compatible with both the IUD and the vaginal ring.

The use of the menstrual cup is more than recommended, however when the time comes to use it for the first time hundreds of doubts pile up in our heads (it usually happens with everything that is new to us): How do I put it on? What do I do if it stays inside me? What size should I use? Can you sleep with her? And one of the most frequent: Can I have sex with the menstrual cup on?

Is it dangerous to have sex with a menstrual cup on?

Put yourself in a situation: You are alone at home, you call your boyfriend to come see you, after a while the temperature rises between you, you are very excited and with an incredible desire to make love, but then BOOM! You remember that you are on your period and, what is worse, that you are wearing a menstrual cup! What to do in that situation? Do you forget everything and leave the heater for another day? Do you remove the menstrual cup? Or do you leave it on and carry on as if nothing had happened?

Menstrual cup and sex

At this point we assume that you do not mind having sex with your period. You do well. Making love with menstruation has many benefits: you will be more lubricated and penetration will be more pleasurable, you will have more sexual appetite, you will create a more intimate moment full of confidence together with your partner and the magnificent orgasm will considerably reduce your ovarian pain. However, having sex with your period also carries its little difficulties, among which is staining the bed sheets with blood. Given this you have two options: do it in the shower or do it with the menstrual cup on.

Yes, having sex with a menstrual cup can be a good idea as long as you keep a few things in mind:

  • First of all, you have to learn to differentiate between reusable and non-reusable models. Reusable menstrual cups should never be used during sex as they are thicker and more durable and you could injure yourself. In addition, having sex with this type of menstrual cup in place will be uncomfortable and the last thing you will achieve is the pleasurable experience you want (it would be like having sex with a tampon). Unless the menstrual cup expressly states in its instructions that it can be used during sex, don’t do it!
  • On the other hand, non-reusable menstrual cups can be used during sex. These are so flexible that they adapt perfectly to internal movement and will not because you discomfort or any kind of problem.

Recommendations for having sex with your period

Regardless of whether you use a menstrual cup, pads, or tampons, the key to enjoying sex on those days is communication with your partner. If you don’t like having relationships while you’re on your period, it’s YOUR decision. Don’t forget that your boyfriend has no right to make you feel bad for not wanting to do it on those days. If, on the contrary, you are willing to do it, take note of the following tips to enjoy more. Don’t let blood stop you!

  1. Don’t forget the condom: Being on your period is no excuse for not using a condom. Although there is a small chance, during these days you can also get pregnant. Also, don’t forget about Sexually Transmitted Diseases! Always condom!
  2. Place a towel underneath: Unfortunately, menstruation forces you to condition the place where you are going to do it a bit, leaving little room for improvisation, but you will appreciate it later when you do not have to thoroughly clean sheets, sofas or any other place on the that you lie down
  3. It is the moment of the missionary: There are certain sexual positions that favor that not so much blood comes out of the vagina of the woman. The missionary position, for example, is one of the most recommended in these cases.
  4. Have wipes nearby: It may not be very erotic, but it is an effective and very hygienic trick.
  5. Go to the shower: If neither of you want to get dirty, what better place than the shower to do it? It is not the most comfortable place in the world to have relationships, but the eroticism of the water more than makes up for this aspect. Why don’t you try it?

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