Can anemia cause my period to be delayed?

It is possible that we have found ourselves more than once in the situation: the rule has to be lowered but we are late. It is common to be inclined to think that you may be pregnant, but the truth is that there are many other factors for which this can happen and it does not have to be a pregnancy.

The delay in your period is known as amenorrhea and is considered as such when you have passed three days from the date you should have dropped. You should not worry before, because it can be treated as simple variations in the menstrual period.

There are many reasons why the menstrual period can be affected. Could anemia be one of them? A quarter of the population is affected by this pathology, which is caused by a decrease in the number of red blood cells, whose main function is to deliver oxygen to the different tissues. The truth is that we have always heard that a heavy period can cause dizziness, low iron and anemia but could it be the opposite? We tell you if anemia can cause the period to be delayed.

Can anemia delay menstruation?

  • Many women with anemia believe that it is caused by the period but do not wonder if it could be the opposite, can anemia cause delays in menstruation? To answer this question, it is important to identify, first of all, that we have anemia. If we suspect that this may be the case, we should see a doctor to confirm or deny it.
  • If so and we have mild anemia, we may not have prominent symptoms or they may present mildly. Some of the symptoms that characterize this pathology are: excessive tiredness for no apparent reason, dizziness, weakness in the extremities or in the body, and headaches or migraines. In that case, could our period be affected?
  • The answer is yes, it is possible. In certain cases of anemia, we can see our menstrual bleeding altered causing it to be reduced, delayed or disappear temporarily. And it is also important to note that it is usually in cases of advanced anemia and does not usually occur as a consequence in cases of mild anemia.

Reasons why the period can be delayed 

Although it is true that it can happen that in cases of anemia the period is affected, there are many other factors that can influence this alteration.


Stress is one of the factors that most affects menstrual cycles. It affects in such a way that the period may even decrease twice in the same month, that the menstrual cycle lengthens more than it has ever done, that it does not decrease until after a while, or that they are more painful.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome 

This kind of syndrome is one of the most common reasons why menstruation is delayed, as it produces an imbalance in hormones. When we do not know if we have this pathology, it is normal for there to be alterations in menstruation, but the doctor will be the one who provides a solution to regulate the period.

Excessive exercise 

All excesses are bad, and in this case it is no exception. An excess of intense exercise can also cause the period to be delayed since ovulation may not occur. This is undoubtedly the most common cause among professional athletes.

Another reason that has to do with excesses is the changes in our weight. If we lose weight suddenly or if we are overweight, an excess of estrogen can be produced, which will cause the period to be delayed.

Medications or early menopause 

Finally, the intake of some medications, certain types of contraceptives, ovarian cysts or premature menopause may be more reasons for a delay in the period. In the latter case, menopause can occur even in women of 40 years of age.

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