5 things men don’t understand about periods

The women’s rule may be a mystery to a man, but he can also understand what it is about or what it consists of, but there are some things that he cannot fully understand. The reality is that they try to understand it but sometimes it is difficult for them to do so, why do women have so many mood swings? Why do they bleed once a month? Why are menstruating women so sensitive? They may have many questions in their minds, because perhaps at school they studied what the period is but when they have a woman around, doubts arise. Do not miss these things that men do not understand about the rule.

5 things men don’t understand about periods

  1. Menstrual pains. They seem like hell and for some women they really are. Men can understand why they are caused – that is, the theory – but by not suffering from them they cannot understand how a woman with her period can appear to be sick with so much pain.
  2. Take medication for the period. Some men do not understand that the period can hurt so much that a woman should take some type of medication. But if she does, it’s because she really hurts him, right?
  3. The tampons. As they are? How are they put? Does it hurt to put it on? This is a very common question that men often have, since they cannot imagine how tampons make life easier for women at the time of menstruation.
  4. Do all women hurt the same? It is possible that a man has grown up in a house where his mother or his sisters were lucky women who do not have period pain, so it is thought that no woman should hurt. Mistake!
  5. The Premenstrual Syndrome -SPM-. There are men who think that it is directly a lie and that something cannot be true, that is to say… they may think that women are making it up! But the reality is that if they criticize it, it’s because they don’t understand it.

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