Alternative therapies to combat menstrual pain

The days when we have menstruation, our ovaries and kidneys can hurt a lot, apart from feeling more tired than usual and sometimes having muscle pain as well. During these days a strong and excessive activity is not highly recommended, it is preferable to forget the gym or go for a run and dedicate ourselves to exercises that will improve our state, for example, yoga.

Yoga as the best therapy to combat menstrual pain

  • There are postures that it is better not to do during these days, as they can make us feel worse and the pain is even greater. For example, inverted postures should be avoided, since in this way the flow of blood can be stopped. In addition to reducing physical exercise, we should tend to perform meditation exercises. These will help us a lot to relax and calm the strong menstrual pains.
  • On the contrary, there are many ideal yoga postures for the days that we suffer from menstrual pain. We always have to have a support that separates us from the ground, to avoid back pain and the cold reaching our body, which is quite bad. In this way, we will place another support, made with towels or a double mat, under the back from the height of the kidneys to our head. We will also place two more supports under our thighs, so that our pelvis is elevated. We leave our hands placed on our ovaries, getting hot and breathing. We can maintain this posture for ten minutes.
  • Another perfect posture is the following. Sitting, we stretch one leg and we shrink the other, and thus we all throw our weight forward trying to support our head on the stretched leg. After two minutes we change legs, we can repeat the process several times. In this way, blood will flow much better through our body, normally very important, but even more so these days.
  • The posture with which we must close our yoga moment has to be the following. We lie on the mat, bend our knees and choose a support to place under our tailbone to raise the pelvis and kidneys. Stretch your arms and relax your entire body. You can do it for three minutes, you will immediately notice a feeling of relaxation and general well-being.

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