The ultimate solution for menstrual pain

Pains during the menstrual period are the most frequent gynecological problems among women. In fact, according to studies carried out in this regard, between 5% and 14% of us are absent from our study center or job because of this problem. This anomaly is not associated with any specific disease but simply with the release of prostaglandins -substances that stimulate contractions that occur in the uterus- during this period of time. However, there are cases, especially after the age of 25, in which pain can occur due to other gynecological problems such as uterine miasmas or endometriosis.

Definitively solve menstrual cramps

  • When looking for solutions that definitively address the problem of menstrual cramps, it must be taken into account that in each case the factor that triggers the anomaly may vary. In this way, the most prudent thing to do is to adopt general measures that can improve our state of health and, in this way, deal more effectively with any ailment that affects us. Into this equation enters, for logical reasons, the variable of food, an issue that, if approached with enough common sense, can save us from many bad times.
  • Food, if necessary, can act as an internal remedy capable of compensating for organic imbalances such as abdominal swelling, hormonal abnormalities, nausea or physical weakness. To do this, we must focus on foods rich in iron, fruit and vegetables, so that we can balance losses and relieve fatigue. Eating foods with fiber will facilitate intestinal transit and drinking plenty of water will help us eliminate toxins while combating swelling.
  • To more specifically control pain, the most recommended and effective drugs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs -ibuprofen type- unless there is some type of contraindication such as allergies or gastric ulcers. The studies that have been carried out in this regard affirm that these medications relieve menstrual discomfort in 70% of women.

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