When menstruation does not stop: a very heavy rule

If you have ever had bleeding that has lasted for too many days and that was very abundant, it is more than likely that it was abnormal bleeding. A ‘non-stop’ period or also known as a prolonged period is defined as a period that can last more than ten days and have a heavy level of bleeding and clotting.

What to do when the period does not stop

  • This can occur due to various conditions and medical treatment is most likely needed to find out why this is happening and find a solution as soon as possible so that it does not happen again. Most women usually have about 40 to 80 ml of blood per rule between six and seven days that the period usually lasts. The heaviness of the flow will vary from woman to woman, but the general symptoms associated with the period will remain constant, as well as the fact that it can be a regular period and have a normal cycle.
  • But there may also be abnormal periods that may suffer from some abnormal features. Women suffering from excessively prolonged bleeding is also known as menorrhagia. In more severe cases it can be chronic and last more than six months. The causes of this abnormal bleeding in menstruation can be due to different causes and it will be necessary to discover why it occurs in order to put an end to it and for the period to have a normal duration and flow again.
  • The causes can be: adenomyosis, which occurs when the endometrial glands become embedded in the muscles of the uterus, uterine, cervical or ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, which are tumors in the uterus; ovarian dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, hereditary coagulation disorders, pregnancy complications… etc. It is necessary that if you notice that you are having abnormal bleeding, go to your doctor because it could have consequences such as anemia, pain or not being able to lead a normal life.

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