When does menstruation return after pregnancy?

If you have just had a baby, it is possible that after nine months of pregnancy without a period you wonder when you will have your period again, if it will be normal, more or less abundant or if the clots will be the ones you are used to. But whether your period comes down sooner or later will depend on some factors.

When does the rule come back after being a mom

  • If you breastfeed your baby and you are a lactating mother, you will be feeding your baby exclusively with your breast milk, it is possible that your period will be delayed up to six months. Although it depends on each woman, the normal is about 6 months, but it will depend on the frequency with which the baby is breastfed, if it is not done exclusively during the day and at night the period may return earlier. That is, if your baby sleeps through the night from a very young age or you supplement breastfeeding with formula, then your period will return before six months.
  • But this is only approximate data because menstruation varies in each woman since there are women who can have their period a month after giving birth even if they breastfeed exclusively and others who can take several months’ even if they do complementary breastfeeding. On the other hand, there are also mothers who decide not to breastfeed their baby and in this case it is most likely to start menstruating before three months. If this does not happen, it will be necessary to speak with the doctor to rule out a possible secondary amenorrhea.
  • It is very important that you remember that the fact that your period does not come down does not mean that you do not ovulate, so if you have unprotected sex of any kind it is perfectly probable that you can get pregnant. So the fact that you breastfeed your baby or that the period takes longer to come down does not mean that you cannot have another baby.

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