Bathing with your period: goodbye myth

Even today there are women who, when they have their period, prefer not to bathe in a pool, on the beach, at home… and even take a shower! It’s a shame, because leisure and intimate hygiene do not have to be interrupted by having your period or having abundant clots… your period is not an excuse for not doing these things! And it is that you can bathe with the rule perfectly whenever you want.

Fundamental hygiene during menstruation

  • Water and ruler are not meant to be enemies, quite the contrary, they should be friends! The period and water should always be companions, especially to have good intimate hygiene and enjoy proper vaginal cleansing.
  • Although it is true that if you bathe in hot water you can have a heavier period because the blood vessels dilate or if you bathe in cold water the bleeding can stop for a moment -but it does not stop, this is not harmful for women in none of the cases.
  • If you want to feel better when you want to bathe anywhere – even at home – you can do so by putting a tampon in every bath you want to take. After the bath you will only have to change it because perhaps with the water it bothers you when you dry off. Also, if you put the tampon in you will be able to avoid staining with blood when you are drying yourself with the towel or staining more than necessary – something that could make you uncomfortable but nothing more. Also, if you use the tampon when you bathe and change it when you get out of the water, you will also be avoiding vaginal infections.
  • As you can see, if you don’t want to bathe when you have your period, it’s because of a decision you make or for your comfort, but not because you can’t do it, bathing with your period is totally normal!

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