Symptoms that your period is coming

When a woman has her period, she begins to get to know her body and to experience the pain that comes with not only having her period, but also the pain that precedes it. And it is that although the period lasts from 3 to 7 days depending on each woman, the cycle lasts the whole month and depending on the time of the month the woman may feel pain before her period comes down, which will announce that she is about to arrive and that the blood clots are on the way. Do you want to know what are the symptoms that your period is going to come?

Symptoms that the period is going to drop

  • Breast pain. Breast pain is a very common indicator that your period is about to come down. The woman’s chest becomes much more sensitive, they can even give some punctures.
  • Kidney or ovarian pain. The kidneys also tend to hurt a lot in some women, but above all it is the ovaries that can bother when it is time for them to send another ovum through the fallopian tubes, an indicator that the ovum that has not been fertilized falls into the form of a menstruation.
  • Discomfort in the belly. Discomfort in the abdomen due to hormonal changes is also very common. They can be punctures in the lower abdomen or generalized pain that creates discomfort for the woman.
  • Contractions in the uterus. The contractions of the uterus are also common in the symptoms that the rule is going to come down. In order to release the egg that has not been fertilized, the uterus must have a series of contractions so that it can exit through the vagina normally.
  • Other symptoms. Other symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, gastrointestinal changes, etc. may appear. Although these symptoms are not usually very common before the period, but they can appear when the period is already present.

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