Can I take aspirin with my period?

Aspirin is a medicine, whose main compound is acetylsalicylic acid, used mainly to reduce inflammation and fever. The way it works is by preventing platelets (blood cells) from sticking together and thus forming clots. It is for this reason that they are ‘prescribed’ to those people who have just suffered a heart attack, to prevent clots from forming in the arteries.

Aspirin also works to reduce pain and inflammation, which is why many women choose to take it during their period to treat symptoms. However, this practice is not advisable, since by preventing the blood from clotting, we will have much more abundant bleeding.

Aspirin to advance menstruation

  1. Although it is not advisable, there are situations in which we need menstruation to come a few days earlier. For those cases, yes “we can” take aspirin whenever it is before our period comes, not during it.
  2. Bringing menstruation forward in this way can cause irregularities in our menstrual cycle, which is why it is not recommended. If we need it, we can take other natural remedies that can also help advance the period.

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