Symptoms of the period: that the menstruation catches you ready

During the period you will bleed from the vagina for a few days from 3 to 7 approximately. This bleeding will generally be heavier the first few days, and these days will be when you may notice more physical and emotional symptoms. The time that your period lasts will depend on how your menstrual cycle is -that is why it can last from 3 to 7 days and even 8, but the normal thing is that the bleeding lasts around 5 days.

Most women when they have their period tend to have symptoms and a few lucky ones who barely find out that they have their period, except because they bleed from the vagina.

Symptoms before and after the period

  • But the symptoms do not only occur when you have your period, just before it comes down some of them can also occur also known as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). The changing levels of hormones in your body before your period can also cause physical and emotional changes. For example, your breasts may increase in size, you may feel pain in the lower abdomen, back pain, or perhaps you feel more irritable than usual.
  • During your period you can also feel discomfort and symptoms -which are the same as the symptoms of PMS-. For example, some physical discomforts are: fluid retention, feeling bloated, abdominal pain, general malaise, headache, skin changes, back pain, muscle pain, breast tenderness, tiredness, nausea and even increased weight.
  • But there are also some emotional symptoms that are worth taking into account such as mood swings, being more irritable than normal, feeling depressed, crying, having stress or anxiety, concentration problems and even problems with self-esteem.
  • The symptoms of the rule usually appear with greater intensity just before the period arrives and little by little they disappear until you feel normal again at the end of the period – two or three days before you will already feel normal.

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