False myths and legends about menstruation: do not believe everything you read

Regarding menstruation, the number of false myths and legends that we can come to hear are endless and we must be very careful with this. Paying attention to the myths that we read or hear can work against us, even if they come from a trusted person, it is best to consult a professional. On many occasions we ourselves are the ones who create these myths, simply because certain women feel good about one thing and others another. For this reason, we cannot generalize in terms of various advice, only a doctor can treat us in the best possible way.

False myths and legends about the rule

  • There are very classic myths such as the famous “during menstruation you cannot get pregnant”. Be careful with this because it is totally false. It is not the most feasible time to get pregnant, but ovulation is unpredictable and we cannot trust ourselves, since there is always a possibility, no matter how small. Another of the great myths is that taking a bath during the cycle can cause imbalances in your period. This is false, in fact the most important thing when you have your period is that you maintain demanding hygiene, since we expel different fluids such as blood and that ends up being unhygienic for ourselves and for the rest.
  • It is also very common to hear that during menstruation it is not advisable to exercise. This is not certain. You can practice all the sport you want, as long as your body can handle it, it is also a way to control colic, since physical exercise increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles. Sport is always good for our body, the only thing you will notice during these days is that you will get more tired, but that does not mean you should stop doing sports. Precisely to carry out this activity, the most comfortable thing is that you use tampons and another of the great myths is that virgin women they should not use them as they can cause discomfort and pain. This is not entirely true, comfort depends on the person, there are girls who have had sex for a long time and still feel discomfort. It is best to find the type of tampon that is right for you, that is, with an applicator, plastic or cardboard, also taking into account its size.
  • As a mother, you must bear in mind that sooner or later our daughter will become an adolescent and her menstruation will end up coming. In this way, leaving all myths behind, we have to inform you and talk to you about it. We must not think that she will be scared, because she consists of achieving just the opposite. It is something natural and we cannot make a taboo of it, but take it naturally and explain everything we know as mothers that we are.

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