Relaxation exercises to relieve menstrual pain

Relaxing and being calm will make the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome decrease and they will not be so severe and unpleasant. From here we give you a series of simple relaxation methods to do from home.

Relaxation exercises to combat menstrual pain

  • With comfortable and light clothes, we lie down on a mat or mattress on the floor, a bed is too soft and will not allow us to move so easily. We put our arms on each side of the body, close our eyes and begin to breathe deeply. When inhaling we slowly raise our arms, returning them to their place with each exhalation.
  • Sitting upright, we join our index fingers and thumbs and begin to think of moments of happiness and harmony. We must concentrate on how all that positive energy is flowing through our body.
  • For the following relaxation technique, we need the help of a second person. In a pleasant environment, with dim lighting and soft music, we lie down on a stretcher or mat on the floor, in this case the bed would not work as it is very soft. Our partner will begin to massage our entire back, it is not necessary to apply pressure, just make circles with the fingertips and follow the line of the spine.
  • The simple fact of reading, listening to music, going to the movies or taking a walk are excellent exercises to relax. We must try to practice one of them, especially the days before menstruation and during it. The depression, irritability and anxiety that characterize it will be diminished and everything will be much more bearable.

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