Menstruation: period myths around the world

You will have heard many times all kinds of clichés related to the period. Some of them myths and beliefs that allude to the monthly cycle of women. For this reason, below we present some of the most popular and others that are not so popular so that you do not take them into account when carrying out some activities in your daily life on the days that you have your period.

Myths of the rule in the world

  • One of the most popular myths is that of not bathing during the days of menstruation. Above all, it is something that grandmothers tell you since you were little: ‘when you have your period, don’t take a bath because something could happen to you’. However, it is not true, your body and your intimate area need minimal hygiene to avoid contracting infections.
  • According to the French, making mayonnaise with menstruation can stop it, while the Italians have similar myths such as everything you cook will go wrong. In Poland, having sex can kill your partner. In other countries like Romania, if you touch the flowers you will make them die faster. The thing does not stop here, in other places like the Philippines there is the belief that if you wash your face with the blood of your first period you will get clearer skin.
  • More false beliefs come from Taiwan, where they say that you have to dry your hair after a shower. In Venezuela, they say that if you take a baby you will make it sick, while in Colombia it is better not to wash or cut your hair. In the UK, tampons are frowned upon as they will break your hymen and you will be considered an ‘impure woman’.

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