Menstrual cup: “The first time I put it on, I didn’t like it at all”

Faced with a couple of drawbacks, Patricia Fernandez only sees advantages in the use of the menstrual cup, although at first, as happens to many women, the idea of ​​having something in there did not appeal to her. “What was worse was getting my hands dirty,” she recalls. But her circumstances—she spent a lot of time at home and found her tampons too expensive—prompted her to try the menstrual cup, or, as she says, “I decided to take a chance.”

This was three years ago, when it premiered in the 40s and after having her two little ones. Her first contact with the menstrual cup was through a friend. “The problem is that she hadn’t gotten used to the cup, but it seemed like a very good invention to her, as well as being very ecological.” Patricia began to search the internet for experiences of other women who had been luckier than her friend and she began to discover “the wonders of the menstrual cup”. According to the testimony of other girls, this method is much more ecological, cheaper in the long term, healthier (the menstrual cup is made with surgical silicone)..

Patricia went to an herbalist near her house and there they recommended that she take a size L, due to the fact that she had been a mother. ” The first time I put it on, I didn’t like it very much. I put it on wrong and it was uncomfortable, but the same thing happened to me with tampons when I started using them,” he says between laughs, but this was not the worst: “When I took it out, I panicked because I had made a suction cup and it was difficult to pull it. They recommended inserting your finger and pushing the cup so that air could enter it and thus make it easier to remove it; and I did, and the truth is that it came out easily for my peace of mind “.

My first experience with the menstrual cup

  • After the first scare, Patricia did not give up and, the following month when her period came down, she optimistically faced that ugly-looking silicone contraption because, as she herself comments, ” the menstrual cup is much healthier than whiteners and the cotton used in tampons, and more comfortable than pads. In addition, she was very weighed on the issue of something more ecological. “I’ve always found it disgusting that people throw tampons and pads down the toilet.” This second time, everything was better: “I folded it as indicated on the prospectus and inserted it without problems.”
  • From there, the experience has been a complete success. “I am delighted with it and I have already bought two, because the first one broke after two years of intense use. I find it comfortable and cleaner, since it can last between 10 and 12 hours, depending on what you stain, with what I put it on in the morning and I don’t take it off even at night. I don’t have to change in other people’s bathrooms, on the beach or anywhere that catches me.”
  • “And what about getting your hands dirty?” we asked. “Nothing, I always have wipes with me or I wash them without a problem,” she confesses with a laugh. Patricia assures that many of her friends are like her three years ago, but that as soon as she tells them about her experience, they join the “club”! Do you dare too?

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