Natural remedies for menstrual pain

When you have your period, you may have menstrual pain, even when you are in full ovulation (with about 10 days to go before your period comes down), you may also feel some pain. Regular menstrual cramps or pain can make every time you get your period a pain in the ass.

If you normally have menstrual pain, it is more than likely that your period feels debilitating, due to the pain and discomfort that this causes you. Many women choose to take medications to relieve pain, but they are not always effective, and medications are, after all, chemicals. On many occasions, natural remedies can bring you much more relief and without the need to take any medication.

Natural remedies for menstrual pain

  • It brings heat to your body. Taking a hot bath or placing a heating pad and even a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen – just below your belly button – can provide great relief from menstrual cramps. The heat opens the vessels and improves blood flow, so the pain goes away.
  • Skip the caffeine. If you have regular menstrual pain, it is best to forget to drink caffeine these days (no coffee, no tea, no caffeinated soft drinks or chocolate). Caffeine can constrict blood vessels and can cause menstrual cramps.
  • Aerobic exercise. Even if your period hurts and you think you can’t get off the couch, regular aerobic exercise will give your heart rate a good boost and you can break a sweat. If you are a physically active person you will have less menstrual pain (it is not that it removes or reduces it, just that you notice it less).
  • Maintain a healthy diet. It is important that if you have period pains you maintain a healthy and low-fat diet because in this way you will feel much better about yourself and you will have less pain.
  • Massages can also be a good option to reduce the sensation of pain and have considerable relief in the area with pain.

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