Maca against period pain, your natural ally

Have you heard of maca? Its name may not ring a bell, but it is a plant that has been used for thousands of years in the Andes, where it grows thousands of meters high. Due to its great properties, there are those who have wanted to resume its consumption.

One of the greatest benefits for women has been the use of maca against period pain. It can become a good natural ally to end the discomfort associated with menstruation.

What is maca?

  • Maca is a plant also known as maino or ayak, which many consider a superfood for its qualities. Andean populations have used it for years to take advantage of its health properties.
  • The most appreciated part is the one that grows underground, like a tuber that looks like a radish. There are macas of different types according to their tonality that can go from cream to black, passing through violet.

Maca to end period pain

One of the most interesting properties of maca is related to menstruation. Women who have taken it say that it helps them have less unpleasant menstrual cycles and better control their periods.

Get rid of menstrual pain

The consumption of maca helps to relieve period pain. The typical discomfort caused by ovulation is less thanks to maca, as long as it is taken in its proper measure.

Helps you make your menstruation more regular

Women whose menstrual cycles tend to be irregular, that is, all those whose period comes both earlier and later than it should, will benefit from the properties of maca.

Relieves premenstrual symptoms

If a few days before your period comes you feel down or weak, maca will help fill you with energy. This plant will act as a stimulant to end this physical weakness.

Maca against menopause

Maca can also become a great natural ally during menopause, especially when the first symptoms of its arrival begin to be noticed. During this stage of the woman, maca can help to cope with hormonal changes, fatigue and vigor, to feel good…

How do you take maca?

  1. The most common is to consume the maca root, either fresh or dry, for which it is left for days under the sun. Some people prefer it raw because they say that it preserves its properties better, while others prefer to cook it. To cook it in the traditional way, it is inserted into a hole into which previously heated stones were thrown.
  2. However, the easiest and most convenient is to go to an herbalist and buy ready-to-eat maca. We will find it in powder or in tablets. It is always advisable to listen to the recommendations of experts on the subject before deciding how, how much and when we take it.
  3. Taking it in the morning will help us feel full of energy to face the day. Mixing it with breakfast juice can be a good idea. Especially at the beginning, it is advisable to accompany it with some type of food. To start, you can try a small amount and gradually increase the dose as you see fit.

Other benefits of maca for women

Maca to increase fertility

Maca increases fertility in women and improves sterility in some men. Although it cannot replace fertility therapies, if you are trying to have children and you are not successful, you can use maca as a natural supplement.

Make your libido increase

If you are going through a period where you feel less sexual arousal, try maca. This plant is a natural aphrodisiac that increases the sexual desire of women. In addition, according to some experts, it improves the quality and quantity of sperm and helps to end erectile dysfunction. Maca is all you need to improve your sexual relations.

Helps you regulate your hormones

If taken in the right amount, maca can act as a hormone regulator. For this reason, it is a natural remedy that is highly appreciated by all those who suffer from maladjustments.

Provides great energy

Thanks to all the nutrients it contains, among which are different types of vitamins and minerals, maca provides a large dose of energy to those who consume it. In addition, it helps fight fatigue and makes whoever takes it recover before fatigue.

Helps to stay younger

Maca has detox properties, which slows down the aging of those who usually consume it. The first anti-aging signs begin to be noticed on the skin, which recovers its firmness. This plant could help you have smoother skin and fight the appearance of wrinkles.

Strengthens hair and bones

According to experts, maca helps hair recover the strength lost over time and have a much shinier appearance. It also helps strengthen bones.

Maca against stress and anxiety

Taking maca in a more or less regulated way can help you reduce day-to-day stress. If you suffer from anxiety, this plant can help calm your nerves and clear your mind of bad thoughts. Once again, it is not a substitute for any medical treatment, but it can become your ally in fighting stress problems.

Maca improves memory

Maca helps you to start the brain and have a greater capacity for concentration. Since it stimulates brain activity, its consumption improves memory and mental agility.

Contraindications of maca

  1. Excessive consumption of maca can cause problems in the digestive system as well as hormonal imbalances. Therefore, like everything, it must be taken with common sense. Moderate consumption is especially important when we haven’t tried it before, since we don’t know how it’s going to sit on us.
  2. Some people have described diarrhea or stomach upset after consuming large amounts. In addition, being a stimulant, it can cause nervousness, acceleration or insomnia. There are no studies on how it affects pregnant or lactating women, so caution is necessary. On the other hand, all those who have ever shown allergy symptoms should also refrain from taking maca.

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