Five myths about menstruation

Unfortunately, menstruation is still a taboo for many people, something incomprehensible considering that the period is something that affects all women of childbearing age. Many women still today feel the need to hide their tampons or pads when they have their period and must go to the bathroom to change.

But also, there have always been some legends and myths that have made women believe the wrong things about their rules, because there have always been and will be myths, but it is time to start knowing what is real from what is not! Do not miss these five myths about menstruation.

Things that are false about menstruation

  • Impossibility of getting pregnant: although they say that when you have your period, women are infertile on those menstrual days, the reality is that there can always be some possibility of ovulating when you have your period and that you can get pregnant.
  • Premenstrual syndrome does not exist: usually this will be said by men who have no idea about period pain or women who are lucky enough not to feel discomfort on their period days. But the reality is that Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) is real but this does not make a woman less capable of anything. A woman knows that she has a hormonal wheel in her body and she also knows what her pains are and how to treat them.
  • The rule prevents leadership: the reality is that a woman can be the same or more and better leader than any other man and also have the rule and be able to be pregnant and have children, enjoy all this and last but not least, continue to be all an amazing leader. Does anyone dare say otherwise?
  • The period always lasts seven days: menstruation in each woman is different, so there will not be two identical periods. A woman can have a period that lasts 3 days and that everything is normal and another that lasts 6 or 7 and that also everything is totally normal. Younger women, when they start their period, may have a more irregular period, while everything is also normal.
  • It is not possible to cook with the period: a woman will not have to manipulate or cook if she does not want to do it, but this will have nothing to do with whether or not she has her period. In some countries it is believed that if a woman makes mayonnaise when she has her period, it will turn out bad. In other countries, such as Japan, they believe that women cannot cook sushi when they are on their period because their hands are too hot to handle fish and rice. The reality is that a woman can cook whatever she wants as long as she has the rule that absolutely nothing happens.

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