Panty liners, the alternative to pads and tampons: when and why?

Panty liners are a kind of thinner and smaller pad with much less absorption power. They are used the days before the arrival of the menstruation so that it does not catch us off guard, or just when it is ending and the bleeding is very weak.

There are many women who use them daily, even if they do not have their period, so as not to stain their underwear with vaginal discharge, especially on ovulation days when the flow is very abundant. This is inadvisable as its unnecessary use can cause infections. The lack of transpiration and the material from which they are normally made, are an ideal nest for the gestation of fungi.

Natural fiber panty liners

  • An alternative to the panty liners that we normally find in the supermarket and which is growing more and more, are the panty liners, pads and tampons made with natural and ecological material.
  • These products are free of chemical products, avoiding perfumes and bleaches such as chlorine, and are made from cotton. That is why they are very breathable and the level of humidity they maintain is adequate. At the moment they are more difficult to find but, little by little, they are being introduced into the market since their benefits are many.

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