False myths about menstruation: with the rule YES you can get pregnant

Throughout time it has always been believed that a woman could not get pregnant on the days that she has her period. This is one more false myth about menstruation that has been present in our society from past centuries to the 21st century. What is true is that it is more difficult to get pregnant while on your period, since the ideal time is on the days of ovulation, but even so, the idea cannot be ruled out. If we do not want to get pregnant we have to be very careful also during these days, if on the contrary we want to get pregnant we should not stop trying during these days.

With menstruation you can also get pregnant

  1. For a long time, it has been thought that if you were on your period you could not get pregnant. This is a false myth that has been passed down from generation to generation. Since it is possible to get pregnant during these days. It will only depend on one thing: the presence of fertile cervical secretion. This determines whether or not the woman is in a cycle with a short preovulatory phase. In order for pregnancy to take place, it is necessary for the woman to be in her fertile period, and this occurs during ovulation., the days before and exactly 24 hours later. Ovulation occurs, more or less, in the middle of the menstrual cycle, that is, between periods and periods. This is how the spermatozoa from the man get into the woman.
  2. What is fertile cervical discharge? During the days before a woman ovulates, the uterus creates a transparent and elastic secretion that allows sperm to enter the uterus. This secretion comes out and the woman can see it in her external organs such as the vulva. In addition, this segregation provides the necessary nutrients so that the spermatozoa can survive and fertilize the female egg. Therefore, if you secrete this, you can easily get pregnant even when you are on your period.

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