6 things you should not do against period pain

Disorders caused by menstruation can cause many headaches when it comes to reducing pain. For this reason, we often make mistakes and abuse certain things that do not benefit the body.

Six things you should not do during your period

  1. Avoid saturated fats and junk food. Take a correct diet, where you combine all kinds of food: fruit, meat, fish, vegetables and water. Do not abuse coffee, or tobacco, alcohol, or sugars, since they do not help reduce the discomfort of the rule.
  2. Run away from the cold during those days. When you shower, it is better to do it with lukewarm water or something hotter, since this helps to reduce the pain that menstruation causes every month in the lower abdomen area.
  3. Sedentary life. Say no to standing all day. Start with simple exercises and little by little you will not want to leave sport aside, since it acts as a relaxant against menstrual pains. Of course, that week practice low-intensity exercises that do not require much effort (for example: going for a walk).
  4. Take aspirin. These types of pills are anticoagulants and, although they relieve pain in some parts of the body, during your period it could cause more abundant bleeding than usual. Better take painkillers for this purpose or iburprofen.
  5. Unprotected sex. During those days’ use protection, otherwise, some bacteria that proliferate during that period could create an infection and trigger another type of discomfort.
  6. The stress. It is the main enemy of menstruation. Today it is difficult to lead a quiet life, but that week you must be calm and avoid situations that cause uncomfortable cramps or other disorders.

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