Infusions for menstrual pain

In many women, the arrival of menstruation brings with it severe abdominal pain, as well as other discomforts such as swelling and fluid retention.

There are a large number of easy remedies to carry out in our house. One of them is to drink infusions. The plants that we can use are many, from here we leave you some specific ones for menstrual pain.

Infusions for menstrual pain

  • Boil sage, mugwort and rue in a saucepan for 3 minutes. Let it rest another 3. Filter the infusion and drink it. We can take it about 2 times a day.
  • In boiling water, add 1 teaspoon of mugwort, 1 of calendula and 1 of horsetail. Take it hot every 5 hours.
  • Drink a cup of mint and thyme infusion. To prepare it, just boil 1 tablespoon of each for 5 minutes, remove it from the heat and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • Cover with 500ml of boiling water, 60g of cut raspberry leaves and put in a cup. Let it rest for a few minutes and drink a cup of this warm infusion once you feel menstrual cramps.

Calendula against irregular menstruation

A woman’s menstrual cycle can last between 21 and 40 days, when this cycle lasts less or more than this time it is said that we are facing an irregular menstruation. There are many causes that can cause it, stress, anxiety, weight problems, etc… To regulate cycles, calendula flowers will be of great help to us as they stimulate blood flow.

Prepare an infusion of calendula

Heat a liter of water in a saucepan, when it reaches a boiling point, add 30 grams of calendula flowers. Let it rest for a few minutes and strain it later. This prepared liter will give us two cups a day to drink starting the week before the arrival of the rule.

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