How the menstrual cycle changes throughout life?

The menstrual cycle of women is not always in the same way, from the first day that the rule comes down and until the last day before the menopause arrives, the rule will change depending on the stage of life in which the woman is found, clots and menstrual flow will not be the same either. But do you want to know how the menstrual cycle changes throughout life?

Menstrual changes in women

  • Girls normally get their period for the first time between the ages of 9 and 15, with the average age being between 11 and 12. In these first periods they can be irregular without much importance and little by little the menstrual cycle will be regulated and the amount of menstrual flow.
  • A woman is most fertile between the ages of 19 and 20, at this age the period is fully regulated and there are normal cycles. Normal cycles can vary between 21 and 35 days. The rule in the life of a woman can last between 450 and 3,500 days, almost nothing! It is worth saving just to buy pads and tampons… Women will release between 400 and 500 fertile eggs throughout their lives, but the fertility peak will occur before the age of 34, since from this age the fertility in the woman will gradually decrease. Even if the menses continue to be abundant, the egg may have less chance of being fertilized.
  • When a woman has a baby and breastfeeds, it is possible that there is anovulation, which is the temporary stoppage of ovulation especially when feeding is exclusive breastfeeding-. And although fertility may be lower at this stage, it does not mean that because you do not ovulate you cannot get pregnant, so if you have unprotected sex, it is likely that you can have another pregnancy.
  • There are women who notice that their cycles change after having been mothers, but others do not notice any change. Normally the changes in the period in women are usually due to age, weight or some changes in health.
  • The average age for menopause to arrive in women is usually around 50 years, although there are women who start with symptoms after 40, and we cannot forget about women who suffer early menopause and it is in the decade of 30 when they can stop being fertile. From six to seven years is the time that the woman can begin to notice the symptoms of menopause until it arrives completely and the period disappears because ovulation stops, forever.

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