How to prepare your daughter for her first period?

Menstruation is something natural that every woman, sooner or later, will end up having. We already know this, but we also have to make our daughters see it, who sooner or later will have to live with their menstrual cycle.

Naturally it is the best way to tell your daughter what menstruation is and how she is going to feel from that moment on and, also, what new things are going to be in her body that were not there before.

How to prepare your daughter for her first period?

  • All children, when they are young, have doubts and normally ask their parents, well, all these doubts must be resolved. Your daughter will ask you about your period without knowing exactly what it is, at that moment you have to take the opportunity to explain everything so that she can understand it. Menstruation cannot be a taboo for parents or children.
  • For our daughters, their first months of menstruation will be very difficult, because they will find themselves insecure without knowing what to do, we have to be there. We will begin by explaining why women have their periods, it is something important that they should know, having menstruation fills us up as women, because it will make us have children, which is the most wonderful thing in this world. Then you must know how often she will have her period and teach her how to calculate it, so that she can control her menstrual cycle well and both of them can know if it is a normal or abnormal menstruation.
  • Later, you can go on to show them the products that exist, such as compresses, tampax, panty liners, among others. And explaining how to put everything on, the different sizes and colors of tampons is somewhat complicated at first. Each one has its function and its moment and our daughters have to know that. No one better than their mothers to explain in detail everything related to their human nature.
  • When it comes to talking to your daughter about menstruation, you also have to explain to her how important hygiene is always, but much more during those days. Just like food is, how important iron is and how bad caffeine can be for our body during the cycle.

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