How reusable tampons work

Every woman has at some time in her life calculated how much can be left in tampons, pads and intimate hygiene products. The result is always the same: lots of money. Along with this, there is another worrying problem: the environmental pollution they produce is incredible. More than 20 billion menstrual residues are generated. A figure that could be reduced with the simple fact that some could be reused.

Now, this is possible and it is that, together with the innovative menstrual cups, reusable tampons arrive. A product the size of a lipstick that will allow you to reuse it for years (its creators say that throughout your life) without having to spend on a box every time you have your period.

If you want to take care of the planet and you think that tampons substantially improve our period days and give us more freedom, this is the one for you! We tell you what these products consist of.

But how do reusable tampons work?

  • Being correct, it is not a tampon that you can wash and reuse, but a medical silicone applicator (the same material that menstrual cups are made of).
  • Although there are various sizes, it is roughly the size of a lipstick and works almost identically to regular applicators. In it you put the tampon (100% organic cotton) and with the help of the lower part, you push to insert it. After each use during the period, the applicator must be washed and cleaned with toilet paper. Between period and period must be sterilized. The difference with those of “all life” is that it is made of antibacterial material and this is what allows it to be used repeatedly.
  • The applicator is a part of tampons that makes the price much more expensive and also generates more environmental impact. Therefore, by using a reusable one, we are reducing a large part of this contamination generated by hygiene products.
  • Over 60% of menstruating women prefer to use tampons with an applicator. Based on this, the creators of this reusable figured that one that could be used over and over again would save users money and be good for the environment.

Toxic Shock Syndrome and reusable tampons

  1. The great concern of the use of tampons is, without a doubt, the Toxic Shock Syndrome or TSS. It affects a low number of women but it is a serious disease that can lead to serious infections, since it is caused by a toxin produced by the Staphylococcus aureus bacterium.
  2. We’re sorry to tell you that whether you use disposable, reusable or even vaginal cup tampons, the risk of contracting TSS still exists. Since it does not depend on the product itself but on the fact of introducing a product into the vagina.
  3. Although it is true that the disease is rare, you can further reduce the risk of contracting it. For example, not leaving a tampon on (in any case) for more than 8 hours, although it is recommended to change it every 4 hours, using at least one compress a day, using the absorption appropriate to our rule or being aware that the tampon has a purpose. (for menstruation) and not as a method of protection “just in case we get low.”
  4. Being aware of all this, we can use the product that suits us best to pass our period as comfortably as possible.

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