Reasons for the rule to be delayed

It is possible that the period did not come when it should and that you are worried for that reason, it is normal for many women. But you must assess whether it could be a normal delay because you are a woman with an irregular period or few clots or if something out of the ordinary may be happening. Do not miss some reasons that influence the delay of the rule.

Reasons for the period to arrive late

  • You are pregnant. This is an obvious reason why the rule may be delayed. If you have had unprotected sex and you are of childbearing age, it is likely that you missed your period because you are pregnant. If you think that this may be the case, you will have to take a pregnancy test.
  • Keep an eye on the thyroid. It is possible that the neck gland that regulates your metabolism – and produces hormones, controls your body temperature, etc. – has a problem. When the thyroid is overactive or underactive it can stop ovulation and even affect fertility.
  • You are taking the birth control pill. With the birth control pill, your period may not come down because you do not have much endometrial lining accumulated, so the period will not appear. Although if you think you may be pregnant, get tested because although it’s rare, it can happen. It also happens when you stop taking the birth control pill, that the body takes a while to regulate itself again.
  • You exercise too much. When you exercise too much you can lose too much weight too fast, this can cause the period to disappear or have irregularities. If your body mass index drops too low, the period will disappear, and if you put too much physical stress on your body, too.
  • You are stressed. If you are too stressed every day, your body may decide that it is not a good time to get pregnant and your period may stop. You will need to stay calm and find ways that make you feel good.
  • If you believe that none of these reasons is causing you to miss your period, then you should see your doctor because it could be a different one and then you should find the most appropriate solution for you.

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