False myths about menstruation: it is not good to exercise with your period

Menstruation can be a nuisance in our day to day, but this does not mean that we can be unable to carry out different activities. We cannot believe the myths and legends that have been spreading for centuries in relation to menstruation. The most well-known false myths regarding the period is that bathing while on the period can be harmful to health; that you cannot get pregnant on the days of the menstrual cycle and that it is not good to exercise. All of them false and not very beneficial for our health. As for sports, on these “sensitive” days for women, it is true that the different levels of progesterone and estrogen can make her feel more tired than normal, especially at the beginning of the cycle. But that does not mean that you have to eliminate physical exercise from day to day.

With menstruation you can do sports

  1. Daily physical activity is usually recommended to maintain a healthy body, why would we stop maintaining our healthy body by having our period? Menstruation will make us feel a little more tired and somewhat sore, to those women whose ovaries or kidneys usually hurt. In cases of extreme pain, dysmenorrhea, it is best to rest during those days of maximum pain. Another piece of advice is that you try to alleviate that pain with physical exercise itself, but with much milder alternative therapies than running or swimming, for example. These techniques are well known by society and can help us to calm the pain and feel stronger. We are talking about yoga, Pilates and the different varieties.
  2. Exercising with menstruation is not bad, it is a false myth, but it is true that doing sports excessively or practicing risky sports during these days is not good at all, as it can cause hormonal and, therefore, menstrual disorders. The same thing happens in women who follow a very strict diet, we have to be aware that everything we do against, so to speak, of our body will affect our body, in one way or another.

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