Bloating during your period: how to feel better with your period

Due to the hormonal changes that women undergo during the menstrual cycle, we can gain weight the days before the arrival of the period, this is due to fluid retention that occurs in our body, making us feel swollen as a balloon. Hormones ‘order’ our body to retain liquid until the end of our menstruation.

This symptom of Premenstrual Syndrome (SPM) can be present throughout a woman’s life, but it is true that it is more common in young women, up to 35 years of age. We cannot get rid of PMS, but we can have a series of lifestyle habits that will help us make it more bearable.

Care to reduce the swelling of premenstrual syndrome

  • Fiber reduces hormone levels so it is convenient to consume foods that contain it, vegetables, cereals and fruit are a good option. Drinking a large amount of water makes us go to the bathroom more and expel the liquid stored in the body. We must not stop drinking water due to fluid retention, but on the contrary, the more we drink, the more we will release.
  • It is convenient to eat several small meals a day, instead of few and copious, it will not help us feel lighter while digestion will be easier. Salt is a friend of fluid retention, it is preferable to avoid it as much as possible at meals, especially during these days.
  • Sugar, fats and starches are also elements to eliminate in our diet if we want to reduce our swelling. Certain oral contraceptives contribute to fluid retention, if we have noticed this symptom at the beginning of the treatment, we should go to the gynecologist to change them and choose the one that best suits our body.
  • Physical exercise is always recommended and more in this case to feel lighter and help the expulsion of fluids in our body. Inactivity will have a negative effect and will increase our discomfort.

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