Doesn’t your rule come down? Natural remedies to facilitate menstruation

Has your period been delayed? Doesn’t your rule come down? Relax, it does not have to be that you are pregnant, imbalances are usually more common than it seems, especially in adolescence or at certain times of stress or hormonal changes. But it is true that it is usually one of the most frequent reasons for concern in women, the doubt is there! Therefore, so that you can get rid of the burden, in this article we tell you what are the best natural remedies to facilitate menstruation. Take note of all of them!

I have a menstrual delay, why doesn’t my period come down?

In general, delays are due to changes that we can consider normal, such as those related to the rhythm of life and, above all, nerves or stress due to work, studies or complicated family situations.

According to what they usually tell us in the doctor’s office, the more nervous we get because our period is not coming, the longer it will take to get off, but it is so difficult to be calm that anxiety can often get to us, right? So, what could be the reason why I don’t get my period if I’m not pregnant?

  • Irregular menstrual cycles. Having irregular menstrual cycles is very common and, although they can be due to various reasons, many of them are associated with adolescence. And it is that the age of the woman is what determines the production of sexual hormones, not being the same at each stage of life, especially in the first menstruations since the hormonal cycles are not yet fully developed, so it is normal that They take a while to regulate.
  • Weight loss. If weight loss is added to stressful situations, this is a double reason for the period to be delayed for no other apparent reason. It has been shown that, if the body suffers a sudden drop in weight, the remaining energy is used for basic functions, leaving aside the production of hormones responsible for menstruation (estrogens and progestogens) and hence the rule is delayed more than usual. account.
  • Misuse of contraceptives. Have you followed the pattern of your contraceptive well? Not following the established times of methods such as the ring or the pill, among others, can lead to a delay in menstrual bleeding. Check well before you get alarmed!
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome. In this case, the absence or delay of the period is due to an excessive production of male hormones (androgens) or polycystic ovary syndrome, which leads to notable alterations in menstruation. In this case you will have to get in touch with your gynecologist to make the appropriate check-ups.
  • Certain endocrine diseases. Some endocrine diseases, especially those that affect the thyroid, can also cause the period not to go down on the day it is due.

Home and natural remedies to lower your period

Once it is verified that you are not pregnant, if you suspect it, you can get down to work with one of these natural and easy home remedies to make your period go down. Choose for yourself which one you like best!

Hot baths in the ovarian area

Applying hot baths in the ovarian area to dilate and relax the blood vessels is a great help. To do this, prepare a hot water bath, make sure the bathtub is very clean, and remain seated for about 10 minutes. Repeat the next day and you will see that it does not take long to take effect. You can also choose to put a hot water bottle in the ovarian area to help the muscles relax.

Take an infusion of thyme and saffron

Taking an infusion of thyme and saffron in equal parts is another very natural home remedy that, according to many women, usually gives good results when menstruation finally arrives. And it is also delicious!

You will need about 60 grams of each of these ingredients and 750 ml of boiling water. You must leave it boiling until the water has been consumed, leaving approximately a third of the 750 ml. You can have a cup twice a day.

Get moderate exercise 

You know what does work? The exercise! It is the remedy for everything! To be in a better mood, fit, put stress aside and also to make your period go down, especially if we exercise that includes the pelvic area. And don’t forget about the diet, which is healthy and balanced will help your menstrual cycles become regular.

An aspirin a day to get your period down 

Although it is true that you should not abuse medications, especially without a prescription or medical recommendation, nothing will happen because once you take an aspirin to facilitate the lowering of your period. Of course, the recommendation is always to consult with your doctor or gynecologist before doing so.

Take an aspirin when you start to notice any premenstrual symptoms: belly pain, low mood, swollen breasts, tiredness… It will make your period go down sooner and in a lighter way, avoiding clots. But remember, you shouldn’t take aspirin if your periods are very heavy as it could make them even heavier.

Rue infusion or tea for when your period is late

  • Have you ever tried it? There are many opinions in favor of it, nothing is lost by trying it! And it is that everything indicates that one of the most effective techniques is to drink an infusion of rude, a medicinal plant whose leaves are mainly used. It is very beneficial, in addition to preventing menstrual delay, to calm pain.
  • To prepare an infusion of rue to soothe menstrual pain, you have to put a measure of a cup of water in a saucepan and let it boil. Once it is boiling, add 1 or 2 teaspoons of rue and let it boil again for about 3 minutes.
  • After this time, we let it rest for another 3 minutes covered. All that remains is to strain and drink, yes, in a quiet place that transmits peace to us, its effect will be even greater! You can drink up to three cups a day, but as long as you have made sure that you are not pregnant, since its consumption during pregnancy is not advisable.

Cinnamon tea in the days before the period 

If the rue infusion is somewhat bitter to you, try cinnamon tea. In a liter of boiling water put two cinnamon sticks or four tablespoons of cinnamon powder. Let it boil for a few minutes and then remove from the heat and strain to remove any remains that may remain. Cinnamon tea is drunk warm and with a little honey, but however you like it better!

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