3 dangerous situations in which you should NOT use the menstrual cup

The menstrual cup is here to stay. Its advantages are infinite: compared to pads and tampons, it is cheaper in the long term, more ecological and natural, more comfortable (you practically don’t notice that you have it on), it can be used for more hours…

In short, there are already many women who have opted for this highly recommended alternative. However, like everything in this life, the menstrual cup also has its contraindications. In what situations is it better not to use it? In this article we spoke with Pilar Ruiz, head of communication at INTIMINA, to tell us about the 3 situations in which you should NOT use the menstrual cup. Very attentive!

When NOT to use the menstrual cup

These are the circumstances in which the menstrual cup becomes unfit. Careful!

  1. If you just gave birth

After childbirth, the vaginal muscles are stretched by the growth of the baby and this vaginal area is painful and swollen. Your vagina needs a “breather” and using the menstrual cup will only make it swell even more.

Although it is true that the period takes time to appear again after giving birth, especially if you have decided to breastfeed (due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur), it is also true that it is highly likely that you will have bleeding during the 3 -10 days after delivery. The latter is normal since the blood vessels of the uterus are very exposed after the abruption of the placenta. In this case, it is best to use compresses.

As Pilar Ruiz tells us, “before using the cup again, you must wait for the quarantine, the puerperium stage.” This stage lasts approximately five or six weeks and is the time the reproductive system needs to recover. However, it is best that, after that time, you consult your doctor about the possibility of resuming the use of your cup.

  1. If you have a vaginal infection

“It is better not to use any product that has to be inserted inside the vagina when there is an infection,” Pilar clarifies. The truth is that the menstrual cup can aggravate the problem in these cases, intensifying the symptoms such as itching or stinging.

The best thing, in this case, will be to use compresses until you make sure that the infection has disappeared.

  1. If you have discomfort or irritation

There are certain girls with vaginal dryness who are more prone to irritation or small wounds on the vulva or vagina. In these cases, it is best not to use the cup since both its insertion and its extraction will be quite painful.

Cases in which YES you can use the menstrual cup

There are still many doubts regarding the menstrual cup. Can I use it if…?

  • If you wear an IUD: the IUD and the cup are perfectly compatible, however you must be especially careful when inserting the cup as the IUD can move in the process and stop working.
  • If you use the vaginal ring: as with the IUD, ring and cup are compatible as long as care is taken when inserting and removing the cup so that the contraceptive method does not move. “The best thing is to consult a professional,” recommends Pilar.
  • If you are a virgin: “Menstrual cups can be used from the first menstruation. In fact, Intimina offers the Lily Cup One, a cup especially indicated for beginner adolescents who have just started their periods. It has a larger ring that makes extraction easier”, Pilar Ruiz tells us. So yes, you can use the menstrual cup even if you haven’t had an intimate relationship yet.
  • To sleep: the menstrual cup can be used both during the day and at night. In addition, it has a capacity of up to twelve hours, so there will be no problem in using it at bedtime. “In addition, the cup allows us to play sports more comfortably, swim…”, adds Pilar Ruiz.

Other things you should know if you want to start using the menstrual cup

If you have already decided to use the menstrual cup, you better review these articles beforehand to become an expert. In a matter of months and when you get the hang of it, you won’t want to do without your menstrual cup ever again!

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