What to do so that the rule goes down before

The rule is usually quite inopportune. If you want to go on a trip, it is likely that you will be delayed until the appointed day, or perhaps you have a very special appointment and when the day comes your period comes down and all your plans are ruined. If this story sounds familiar to you, don’t worry because I think it has happened to all of us at some point. Also, if this has happened to you, it is more than likely that you want to know ways to make your period come down sooner so that you can control it and not it you.

It is also likely that if you have had unprotected sex and are afraid that you could get pregnant, you want your period to come down sooner so that you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that it was only a little scare.

Although that scare should also make you understand that sexual relations must have protection to avoid having an unwanted pregnancy and above all, to avoid STDs.

Or maybe you just want to make your period come down sooner because you have an irregular period and want to keep it more under control. Whatever your reason, do not worry because below I am going to explain some tricks so that your period goes down sooner, but if you have many more doubts you will have to go to your doctor.

  1. Hot bath. The hot bath is one of the most natural and popular remedies that exist for menstruation to come down sooner. When you are soaking in the hot water, your body heat increases somewhat which will also cause your abdominal muscles to relax and thus stimulate dilation and increase the flow of blood from the uterus.
  2. Hot pads. The heating pads work the same as the hot bath, so it also helps to advance the period.
  3. Vitamin C. Large doses of vitamin C can help speed up your menstrual period by changing the levels of progesterone in your body. But this measure before you start taking a lot of vitamin C, you should consult your doctor to know how to take high doses of any vitamin.
  4. Physical exercise. Exercise is also a useful method of speeding up your period as it improves circulation and can speed up your period. It will also help you relieve period cramps and reduce swelling. But remember not to exaggerate in the exercise because then you could get the opposite effect, that it simply does not go down.
  5. Spend time with other women. Women are permeated by the rule, it is something natural that we cannot control, but when women spend a lot of time together, the period is regulated so that all of them come down at the same time. So you can modify your rule and also lower you at the same time as your friends.
  6. Avoid stress. Stress can influence the body’s hormone levels and delay your period. So make sure to always keep your stress levels to a minimum, practice relaxation!
  7. The contraceptive pill. Some doctors recommend the use of these pills to regulate the period and thus be able to have absolute control. In addition, it can also help you with other things like getting rid of acne or other symptoms caused by irregular periods.

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